instructions for a ritual to accompany the album dancing with the blind (lost children)

1 - find a quiet, dark room in your home or sacred place of your choice
2 - start playing music, breath in a rhythm similar to that of the melodies
3 - prepare some copal incense and allow the smoke to waft throughout the room
4 - clear your mind and allow yourself to enter into a meditative, trance-like state
5 - perform a banishing ritual of your own choice or creation (extra research may be required)
6 - create a magical circle – in your mind visualize a white sphere of light and have it encircle you, radiating with protective energy
7 - go deeper into trance continuing to breath in rhythm to the ritual music
8 - imagine yourself at the edge of a forest at night, with a fox hole leading into the underworld in front of you
9 - call out the names of either elegy or augustus, fox children, wait for them and allow them to guide you into the underworld
10 -follow them until you notice a light at the end of the tunnel, unearth yourself into a forest clearing
11 - call out the name of marie-celeste, a fox mother adorned in an elegant white dress
12 - wait for her and when she arrives, listen and watch- take note of every bit of information she relays to you be it visual, aural, scent, tactile, etc.
ask her about her family
13 - upon completion of communication, thank her and dismiss one another
14 - turn back to the opening in the earth and follow either augustus or elegy back to the surface world
15 - thank your guide to the underworld and wake up out of trance- dissolve the magical circle

record events, descriptions, occurrences, sensations, etc. during the ritual in a journal and transcribe it onto a message to the ‘uncertain’ page or other address (or through here on tumblr)

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